Cement Rendering

Cement rendering Sydney is the use of a thin premixed mixture of sand, lime and cement which is applied as a surface coat on a wall of brick, stone, cement or mud brick. This is often textured, painted or coloured after the application. As mentioned above, this is usually used on exterior walls but can easily be used on interior walls. Rendering can be coarse or smooth as per your requirement and the looks can be achieved very easily. You can get a natural, coloured, pigmented, textured or smooth look which is very appealing. Cement rendering of brick, mud and stone walls of houses has been happening for centuries as this was done to improve the appearance, sturdiness and even was considered a way of weather proofing for exterior walls.


Different styles and finishes can be achieved using different tools and equipment. Finishes can be achieved by using different tools as brushes, trowels, sponges, etc. traditional rendering is an art form considering the finish required for the top coat of the rendering applied. Styles and finishes differ from tradesman to tradesman as innovation is apparent in traditional rendering as well. Finishing effects can be created from a thin finishing top coat to a finishing wash.

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