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Cement Rendering Sydney

Cement rendering has been around for hundreds of years and is proven to be the most effective measure of protecting the exterior visage of buildings and lending them a fresh, classy touch. Buildings and exterior walls are quite vulnerable to weather and more often than not cannot survive the havoc wreaked on them by hail, rain, wind, snow and storms. However, with cutting edge home extension rendering techniques, such building exteriors can achieve a strong and waterproof protective layer of cement over their brick and mortar work. Ultimately, with the finished coat of cement rendering, the aim of achieving a beautiful structure that will stand the test of time is satisfactorily met.

Cement rendering can be described as the procedure of applying a premixed plaster of cement, sand and lime over the stone, mud or brick work of a building with the intent of bolstering its original strength and beauty. The rendered surface is typically textured, coloured or painted after the plaster application. Rendering is generally used on exterior surfaces of walls, pools, buildings, shops and structures.

White Set Render

White set render also know as White Plater or Hard finish Plaster is a mix of Plaster and lime which is applied to the wall to give you smooth hard finish. We at A New Image Rendering have highly experienced White plaster render trades men with years of experiences under their belt giving your project the attention and finish that you have always ways wanted.
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White Set Rendering is just another term for Lime Plaster Rendering or Lime rendering. White set Rendering requires a straight flat solid background which may require rendering first. So if you are planning to apply White set rendering on your brick wall, you should have it rendered first. If it’s painted surface that you want to be plastered, it will be fine as long as it doesn’t have a flaking surface and must be properly prepared by the renderer you hired. White set mixture is a combination of plaster and with soaked lime which is usually being mixed by an electric drill unless you have a convenient wet mix. The plaster mix is commonly applied through steel trowel and continuously applied until it has a glass like surface.

It’s important you plan your White set rendering carefully and be acquainted in the basics of it to appreciate an excellent quality of White set rendering in your renovation
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