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As a rendering expert in Richmond, we specialize in rendering services to Shops, Offices, Bars, Restaurants, Industrial Estates, and Residential Properties. We have the skills and expertise to deliver the product you require, on time and to suit your budget.

Cement Rendering Richmond

Cement render is made up of three components – lime, sand and cement. The purpose of the lime is to make the render more workable and it helps to minimize cracking when the render hardens. The sand should be clean and contain no clay or plant matter. Coarser sands are used for undercoats while finer sands are generally used for topcoats. Finally, general purpose or general purpose blended cement complying with Australian standards are usually used. Lighter cement is used when the wall is to be a light colour. If you are opting for coloured render, the professional should make a sample and allow it to fully dry before commencing the rendering job. This will ensure that the render is the correct colour. If grey cement is being used, more colour will be required than if using white cement. Render can provide a variety of decorative effects depending on the finishing techniques used but this is a tricky process and should be done by a qualified professional.

Acrylic Rendering Richmond

Acrylic render, as the name suggests, uses acrylic (which is a type of plastic) in the render itself. Because of this, it is much more resistant to cracking than other types of render. It is also fast drying, taking only two days to cure and dry while traditional renders can take up to 28 days. Acrylic render can be used to cover up small hairline cracks in masonry surfaces, and because it is permeable to water vapours, it allows the materials underneath (brick etc) to breathe. It is also resistant to efflorescence, which is the white salts that sometimes leaks from brickwork. Acrylic render can be trowelled on or rolled on depending on the specific product being used. It is a paint like texture but even so, should be applied by professionals to ensure that the result is neat.

Blue Board Coating Richmond

The blue board fence is designed to be a cost effective way to replicate the look of rendered masonry, with saving of up to 60% over the cost of traditional brickwork with concrete foundations.

Polystyrene System Coating Richmond

Extruded Polystyrene Panels are lightweight and can be screw fixed directly onto studs or masonry, and then finished with a Polymer Modified (PM) render system. the panel design creates a seamless render that is impact resistant.

Hebel system coating Richmond

Hebel coatings are designed to help achieve a quality finish to all Hebel projects, The Monolithic look, for example is highly sought after. Hebel coating systems are engineered to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and other physical characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete.

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